Helping grow the local economy and helping your local communities thrive is what you do every day at the Chamber of Commerce.  JustMy is here to help both you and your members with Digital Tools.  From Digital Business Cards to our Digital NewsSTAND, we are working to help LOCALS thrive!

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Simply Share Your Content

JustMy wants to help the community thrive and we know a large part of communities are Chambers of Commerce. We want chamber members to be able to get important content out to their networks effectively and efficiently. Our DigitalTOOLS exist to simplify the task of getting your content seen!

Add Traffic to Your Events

Bring awareness to events and announcements when you partner with JustMy. Your team members will be able to leverage a unified campaign with content and Calls-to-Action for any goal.

Amplify Your Mission

Make sure everyone you meet, knows your mission. Then have them help you tell it to everyone they meet with a #grabmyCARD campaign. As your team grows, your message will grow with it and remain true to its roots bringing value to anyone you cross paths with.

Support for Your Campaigns

Keep your audience plugged in to updates things like hours, health notices, and more in real-time. JustMy is here to help you distribute and create content to provide more value.

Helping LOCAL Chambers of Commerce

JustMy is on Mission to help local non-profits and businesses thrive! One way to do this is by giving support to local Chambers of Commerce!

Welcome Your Members
Provide value to their brand.
Spotlight Your Sponsors
Make sure they know they are getting exposure.
Launch Campaigns
Give everyone the ability to boost campaign reach.

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