Help for Non-Profits
Digital Perks | December 29, 2020
Your organization decided to help others, JustMy is here to help you do that . . .

JustMy was started to help share the Positive things going on in the Community.  What we found was that every community had these organizations that have a mission to create amazing results for those they impact.  Those organizations are the local nonprofits who work day-in and day-out to up-lift the communities they touch.  Now, Covid-19 is shutting the doors of many organizations, at JustMy we believe that if we work together with communities, businesses, and nonprofits; well we will come after this era with a new commitment to thrive.  JustMy has helped nonprofits raise over 4 million dollars in the Memphis community.  Today we want to help nonprofits across the country thrive with #BeAmazing tools designed to help organizations expand their reach, increase donations, and recruit more volunteers.  Let's #BeAmazing Together!




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