Introducing Custom Tabs for myCARD Pro
Digital Perks | September 03, 2020
myCARD is the Digital Business Card that can do Everything and Custom Tabs is an unbelievable new tool for you to use in making it easy for your connections to find exactly what they are looking for!

What are Custom Tabs?
Think of Custom Tabs as Sections inside your Library packed with an array of great content. Your Custom Tabs can be sorted and arranged in the order that you want them!

Tabs can be services you offer, product types, brands, educational topics, etc; Anytime you need to group content together, create a Custom Tab for that.

What can be included in a Custom Tab?
You can add events, blog posts, articles, announcements, videos, portfolios, and more to each of your tabs. Just select the type of content it is and drop in the link for it!

Amazing Flexibility?
By default, you can add Articles, Videos, LookBooks, Events, Portfolios, Announcements, Sales, Coupons, Job Postings, and Menus. myCARD already has tabs built into it for each content type you share. With Custom Tabs you can add any type of content you want into the Tab and you can choose to show some of the default tabs if you want, or you can choose to only show your Custom Tabs. You can turn tabs on and off as you please. You can also rearrange how the Tabs are displayed.

So you might create a Holiday Tab for each of the holidays and display content related to that Holiday. Then hide that Custom Tab until next year! You might have a yearly event that you want to promote. Create a Custom Tab for it sharing related content, videos, news coverage, and more! Then when the event is over, turn that Tab off until next year. One note, if you are a nonprofit organization hosting an annual event. Use your Custom Event Tab to help you in promoting your event each year. The stories, videos, and LOOKBooks will help you land more sponsors and help you share with your current sponsors the mentions and exposure they get from teaming up with your organization!

How to create and edit Custom Tabs  |  Included with myCARD Pro

1.  Click on the myCARDS tab at
4.  Scroll down to the Manage Contents Tab, click on the plus sign to open it
5.  Now you can turn off tabs you don't want to show and drag tabs to place in the order that you want them to show up.  What you are looking at is your default tabs.
6.  Now what about Custom Tabs, decide what tabs you want to create.  We suggest creating a document with a list of the tabs you want.  Copy on this list all of the content URLS you want to drop in, and make a note of what type of content it is.
7.  To create a new Custom Tab, simply click the Create Tab button and enter the name for your new Tab, then hit the green save button
8.  Once you have all of your Custom Tabs Created, now you can drag them around so that they are in the order that you want them to be in
9.  On the right side of your screen, you will see a grey bar that holds your content for each tab.  Click the Add Button and a pop-up box will appear for you to drop in the URL of the content you are adding to your Custom Tab.  There is a drop-down menu there also that allows you to select what type of content it is that you are sharing.
10.  You can click on the Grey Bar to open up a list of content you have for that tab and check or uncheck items.  This will allow you to hide content you have added if you choose to do so
11.  Once you are done, be sure to click the submit button to save your changes


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