myCARD for Apartment Properties
August 18, 2020
Giving your business card out over the phone, by text, by email, on on your property with QR Codes just became your new marketing best friend!

Turn Leads into Leases

From Zoom Meetings to Virtual Concerts, the world of Digital is changing fast.  At JustMy we are proud to introduce myCARD, the #BeAmazing Digital Business Card that can do almost Everything.  We are working on a special edition for Apartment Properties and we would love to get your help!

myCARD is Packed with Perks for Property Managers

  • Galleries
  • Floor Plans
  • Videos
  • Specials
  • Announcements
  • Your Application
  • Your Service & Support Info

myCARD is great for so many applications

  • Add Property Reviews from other sites with one click
  • Include your social media and weblinks
  • Users can call or text you right from the card
  • Include your QR code on everything so anyone can access your card instantly
  • Use your card as a Referral Tool for your current guest
  • Add your card to your current advertising to increase your ROI
  • Your map opens up in Google Maps for instant driving directions
  • more features coming soon!

myCARDs for your Entire Team!

When you sign up for the myCARD Pro, you get up to 50 team member cards.  Now let your entire team share their cards and advertise your property at the same time!  Yes we know, this is pretty amazing!


The First 10 Properties get myCARD Pro forever!

We are looking to spotlight some really good samples of myCARD Apartment Edition.  We also are looking for feedback so that we can make this the Best Marketing Product for Property owners.  So we are giving away myCARD Pro service free forever to the first ten approved properties that sign-up.  Fill out the information below and we will take care of everything for you!

You have never Seen a Business Card do this!

Getting calls about your properties, send myCARD by text message instantly!

myCARD for your Entire Team!