Interactive Banners on myCARD with Pro
September 02, 2020
Using the Banner ad on myCARD is a great new Call to Action Feature

How to add your Interactive Banner to myCARD  |  Included with myCARD Pro

1.  The first thing you need is to create the image for your banner.  You can add jpg or png files and they should be 1200 x 200 pixels
2.  Next, you want to select up to 4 links used with your banner.  The banner itself can be linked to direct viewers to the URL of your choice.  You can also have 3 call-to-action links.  You need 3 URL's and a link name for each of these
3.  Click on the myCARDS tab at
4.  Scroll down to the My Banner Tab
5.  Under Banner Link, paste in the URL you want your banner click-thru to
6.  Upload your Banner Image File
7.  Next, paste in your Labels and your links. You can insert 3 of these.
8.  Click the Submit Button and your Digital Business Card now is advertising and directing traffic to the content that is most important to you!

5 Things You Should Know About Interactive Ads & myCARD!

What are Interactive Ads?

When you share your business card, at the end of the day you are hoping that they will take an interest in what you do.  Maybe buy something, volunteer for something, donate, or take some kind of action.  So if there was ever a person to share an ad with about your organization, it would be at this moment when someone has accepted your business card and they are trying to find out more about you.

So we decided this was a great place to drop a banner ad.  We didn't stop there.  We thought why not use the ad to give them options on where the ad should take them, thus the interactive part.  So now your Digital Business Card can be updated to spotlight whatever is going on in your organization with the click of a banner, but you can also add 3 links to it for more direct engagement.  How cool is that?

Do all the links have to go to your Website?

Nope!  Let's say you are promoting an event.  You update your banner with your event artwork and you link it to your event page on your website or social media.  Now your guest can go and learn more about your event.  With the interactive banner links now you can add a link to buy tickets, volunteer, and sponsor your event.  Now, this is an interactive ad on a business card!  Click, Click, Boom!

Do I have to call someone to Update My Ad?

Nope!  You can do everything with-in your account and make changes as much as you like.  Drop-in new artwork, update links, and more all right from your account page on JustMy!

How much do I have to Pay for Interactive Ads?

Oh, you are not going to believe this, they are no extra charge with your myCARD Pro account.  Let me say this again, Interactive Ads are free with myCARD Pro!

Can I put Interactive Ads on my Teams Business Cards?

It's already taken care of, when you update your interactive ad for myCARD, we automatically update it on all your company business cards.  Oh, this gets even better.  Your interactive ad also updates on every myCARD you or your team members have handed out.  Yes we know, this is how you #BeAmazing.